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Meet Tannie Luke

In 1995 Tannie embarked in a new profession after obtaining a nursing degree and becoming a single mother with four kids. The motivation of providing opportunities and a lifestyle she desired kept her focused and grounded. Her drive, ambition and determination had been instilled in her at an early age by her father, grandparents and other family members. She moved to Las Vegas and set her sights on luxury real estate sales, design, construction and neighborhood development. Her goal was to become a household name and she certainly accomplished that in the past 22 years of practice.

She became the Top Rookie for the entire Southwest Region for the Century 21 franchise encompassing four states in just four short months and was later awarded the “Picture of Success and Centurion” awards. She then moved on to Realty Executives for more than a decade, also being awarded the highest level of sales achievements. She aired the first ever TV show in Vegas spotlighting the local luxury lifestyle communities, country clubs and of course her own personal luxury listings. She was known to be on the cover of most the high-end luxury real estate magazines as well, not to mention national exposure.

When we asked her what sets her “apart” from other agents? She simply replied SERVICE at the HIGHEST LEVEL possible. I want to give the very best service, value, provide creative innovative marketing, one-on-one communication, having unprecedented knowledge and fierce negotiating skills. She provides services that are not expected. She explains, my concierge program literally lets the client sign the contract and virtually walk away until signing the transaction documents and escrow instructions. She really wants to make the client feel valued and extremely important because they are. Focusing on a particular side of the real estate transaction lets her hone in on marketing and sales and become an expert at what she does. When you’re dealing with multi-million dollar properties, large land investments, investment opportunities and your clients are savvy business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs, you have to be very prepared and be able to listen. I think a lot of agents get distracted trying to know a little bit about everything. I just want to be the very best at one thing.

We candidly asked Tannie, what has been your largest sale and commission and she told us…WOW! How was that we asked? Nonchalantly, she said it was good, but the reward of being in the very minute few of ever selling property like that is the true reward and she laughs “it definitely lasts longer too”. Just having the accomplishment of being sought after to represent a casino owner, a renowned business owner, professional athlete, celebrities brings creditability and confidence.

We Asked:
Q: What’s the real estate achievement you are most proud of?
A: Being named on the Wall Street Journal as one of Americas Top 200 Agents.
Q: What was your 1st transaction?
A: CGL – Company Generated Lead. $56,000 on Vana Ct. to a Spanish speaking client.
Q: What was a memorable moment in your career?
A: When Criss Angel and his brother Costas helped me empty out my Maserati for a VIP open house in Terracina. That was just unbelievably sweet.
Q: What is the largest home you every sold?
A: 26,000 sq.ft. $12 mm in Queensridge.
Q: What is your number one strength in real estate?
A: Being trustworthy.

To find out more about: Tannie Luke’s professional real estate services she can be reached at: 702-496-5853 or email her at tanniesells(at)gmail(dotted)com

What would you like to say to any future prospects reading this Bio?

Buyers: I will work to earn their trust by being readily accessible to them personally through all means of communication, to advise them on lending & interest rates, community and transaction costs, preview properties prior to showing them, so I am acutely aware of the home meeting their requested criteria, provide necessary accommodations and transport, provide community information, handling all progressive steps of the transaction ensuring a secure contract & earnest money deposit, inspection – appraisal and repair period, utility transfers etc.

Sellers: I will prepare a comprehensive marketing plan individualized to benefit your home and it’s sales requirements, perform a preliminary title report, a home buyer’s guide for potential buyers, net proceeds costs and all other associated costs such as SID’s-LID’s, preview comparable properties to gain prospective on listing & selling prices – DOM, days on market, make a detailed brochure with high resolution colored images and benefits of the property, customize marketing material, provide global internet exposure and local advertising to targeted buyers and participating brokers, stage the home for maximum appeal, personal showings, open houses-brokers tours and luncheon. Don’t use underlined portion yet. I’m turning this into another category as a bullets.

These lists are just a small glimpse of the services you will receive. In the 21 years I’ve been actively selling real estate my record at the Board of Realtors and the Nevada Real Estate Division have remained complaint free. I would be honored to be of service to you, your family and friends and colleagues.

Tannie practices real estate 6 day a week and Sundays by appointment only. She’s happy to work around your schedule to make appointments as convienent as possible.

Give her a call to set up a confidential consultation to discuss your real estate needs at your convienence.