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Deciding to Buy

If you’re thinking of relocating to the Las Vegas area and are not sure which area you prefer you have came to the right place. I’ve lived here in Las Vegas as a part-time resident since 1987 and then made a permanent relocation in the spring of 1995. I have literally seen the Las Vegas Valley and surrounding areas grow from a population of 60,000 to 1.6 mm and still growing.

Our illustrious city known as the Mecca of Gaming and Sin is observed to non-residents and vacationers seeking thrills, entertainment, dining and world class shopping. But for the vast majority of residents, we see the city as any other suburban city that offer’s Americas top master-planned housing communities, beautiful recreational parks, fine dining, great shopping and churches in every neighborhood, great public schools, sports and industrial opportunities. The city is changing exponentially with numerous business opportunities and lifestyle and entertainment advantages and is truly enjoyed by the everyday person who lives here. Las Vegas also offers great part-time resident privileges’ through our no state tax laws.

Las Vegas also provides great community and University colleges and is home to fine medical care. As a member of the local Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau, I’m happy to provide my clients with the latest community information to help you make a knowledgeable decision.

Before I assist you in the buying process, it’s important for me to know why you want to move. What’s driving your decision? Whether it’s an employment or retirement choice. Where you choose to live should be convenient to your preferred activities. If you travel a lot living near the airport may be important to you. There are so many things to consider.

My website is geared to provide you with those answers. Don’t worry golf enthusiasts there’s a golf link just for you!

So let’s get started.

  • Getting qualified is your 1st step. If you plan on using a lender to make your purchase I work with several great lenders or personal bankers that are proven to be competent and resourceful.
  • Providing a date to start looking, listing an existing property, scheduling moves etc.
  • Getting schools, medical, utilities verified.
  • Creating a scope of wants and needs for your new home i.e., square foot, beds, bath, pool, views etc, gated versus guard gated.
  • Communication by email sending suggested properties for you to view. Narrowing down, previewing properties of interest prior to showing the client to eliminate undesirables.
  • Write the offer and present it to the listing agent, present any counters, execute entire purchase agreement.
  • Opening the escrow and depositing earnest money. Monies should be available prior to write an offer so funds are accessible to be wired directly into escrow within 24 hours of receipt of executed Purchase Agreement and Counter Offers, Addendums etc.

Once an escrow has been opened we are ready for the escrow period. Congratulations you’re moving towards your new dream home.